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FB GROUP блоки и оборудование для различных применений


Мы проинформируем Вас обо всех свежих новостях профильного
направления и наших партнеров, рассмотрим новинки на рынке и многое другое.


Компания "ТИ-СИСТЕМС" представляет в России и странах СНГ одного из ведущих производителей блочных систем для различных отраслей промышленности компанию FB GROUP.Vs ,eltv Мы будем рады предложить Вам полный спектр услуг компании FB GROUP.

Everything we do, we believe in. Based on the expertise of our engineers and maximum use of our fabrication capabilities we commit ourselves to challenging goals as set by our customers.

Our energy and drive derives from our passion for technology and people. We like to be the solution for your technological problem. In this our enthusiasm is the drive in project realization.

Although our approach could be challenging and ambitious, we remain realistic. A no-nonsense and straightforward philosophy fits in our type of business.

We aim to be easy accessible for our clients and we value their input and expertise. We believe in strong customer relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

For each project requirement we try to find a suitable approach and solution whether it has been done before or not. “You name it, we build it…”

We offer a full engineering and project management service. A young and innovative internationally-oriented Dutch company, we design and fabricate custom-made process packages at our own facilities. You can count on the FB Group to manage your entire project, from the design stage to shipment anywhere in the world.

Where required we take single source responsibility for the complete prefabrication, installation, testing, reinstating and commissioning of the project at your construction site.

FB Group has for many years implemented safety certification (SCC/VCA), quality certification (ISO 9001), Manufacturer Construction Certification (EN 1090) and Welding Certification according to ISO 3834 to ensure we comply to the highest quality standards.

From its offices and workshops located in The Netherlands the FB Group serves clients worldwide. Located in the Industrial Area Dintelmond between Rotterdam and Antwerp, there are excellent opportunities for direct shipment to any place in the world.


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